Overcoming obstacles quotes

Overcoming obstacles is one sure way of stimulating your self-growth. When you consider the most successful people you’ve ever known all over the world, you will notice that most of them faced various obstacles and triumphed over them. In fact, most quotes about overcoming obstacles are from famous leaders and motivational speakers. They all had one thing in common; learned that challenges are a way of pushing you to the next step or level.

Overcoming obstacles motivational story:

A story was once told of a king who placed a huge boulder on a road and hid himself to see who would take time to remove the rock. Some of his wealthiest merchants came by and chose the easy way around it. Other folks blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear but did nothing to remove the huge rock placed at the center of the road.

That same day, a peasant came along carrying a load of vegetables. On seeing the boulder on the road, he laid down his load and tried to move the stone away from the road. After minutes of pushing and straining, he finally succeeded. As he picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed a reward lying in the road where the huge rock had been. It contained many gold coins! As he picked it up, the king immediately appeared, confirmed to him his reward, and gave him a job position in the palace for his hard work.

There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.

Michael Phleps

As you face hard times and navigate through them, you build your resilience. This is your ability to overcome obstacles head-strong and move on to the next level. When you evade obstacles that come your way, you only prolong the long-awaited moment of your rewards.

Obstacles will only come your way when you have defined your life ambitions and outlined a proper attainable schedule of achieving it. When you have no visions or ambitions, where will the challenges come from? Only the laziest people who have no visions live easy lives without any obstacles to face!

Successful people see a problem and see an opportunity!


What are obstacles?

Obstacles are the frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals and they occur in your everyday life to:

  • Create a barrier that holds your progress in achieving your ambitions.
  • Creates frustrations due to the derailment of your well-planned schedules,
  • Cause loss of precious time and resources due to the delays.

Types of obstacles

Overcoming obstacles quotes

Steps of Overcoming Obstacles

Step one: Don’t complain while evaluating the obstacle

Most people fail in this initial step of evaluating the obstacle. Avoid complaining about an obstacle while evaluating its size since you will face defeat. Successful leaders are always cool when evaluating methods of navigating through any obstacles. An effective strategy of evaluating the obstacle is to distance yourself to think “out of the box”.

To pass this most important step, you should learn to overcome obstacles each day no matter how small they seem to be. As you learn to overcome various challenges in life, the thrill of success will teach you to be a winner. This attitude will prepare you, and you will face greater obstacles without complaining.

At this stage, you can ask for help and suggestions from people who have been in a similar situation.

A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.

Ray Davis

Step 2: Be positive and realistic throughout the navigation process

Try to create positive atmospheres that will make you feel like a winner. Challenges will come your way and you hold the key to your happiness and success. You should try as much as possible to be positive and patient as you tackle your obstacles.

To be positive, think about the good things that may occur as a result of overcoming the obstacles. At this stage, you should also be realistic in the kind of outcome you expect. Don’t aim for what you can’t achieve from your level of skills or experience unless you are certain it will work. It may be realistic to seek help and ideas from other positive thinking people.

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

Swedish proverb
Overcoming obstacles quotes

Step 3: Face it head-on and stay focused

Stay focused as you navigate through your obstacles and avoid giving up after unsuccessful attempts. Instead, do anything but the same thing that previously didn’t work. When I was starting this blog, focusing and not giving up is what made me succeed. There are times you may mess with the CSS codes and you may feel like giving up. Learn to stay focused and face your obstacles head-on. Once in a while, give yourself a break so you may think clearly before re-attempting the challenge.

Bear in mind that obstacles will help enrich your mental experiences. They will help build your resilience and strength because when you overcome an obstacle or a challenge, you overcome a mental hurdle. This will help create an optimistic attitude and you will be sure to succeed the next time.

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Step 4: Break down the obstacles

As you deal with the obstacle, break it down into smaller obstacles and tackle them in the same manner. It’s important to point that past experiences or fears can play a role in the main obstacle. Tackle each component of your obstacle separately as you aim for the bigger obstacle.


Finally, be realistic and willing to leave pursuits that do not deliver results. Only a fool will do the same thing over and over again using the same method and expect different results. When you have done all you can and have exhausted your available resources, be realistic. Note the “time” for moving to the next available option which may include seeking help and ideas.

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