How to show love to your children

You need to show love to your children each day in their life. Without love, life will seem impossible and meaningless for them to live. Love is what binds a family together. It makes us feel secure, happy, and with a meaning to live. Love makes a child be a child and leaves adult-sized problems to the parents, trustingly. In other words, a child who is loved will not worry about the basic needs instead will trust their parents to provide for them. This will give them a good time to focus on their studies, creativity, and play.

A child who feels less loved or hated will be more self-withdrawn and not face life confidently. This will result in low self-esteem issues, poor performance in school and social life, and poor character development. In some particularly severe cases, a child who feels less loved may resort to bullying others in school, have suicidal thoughts, or even run away from home.

Although there are parents who openly hate their children, the majority of parents love their children. However, as a parent, the daily chores and busy work schedule may leave you exhausted, and you may not be sure you’re showing enough love to your children or not. Children are very sensitive to our reactions and words, and sometimes you may hurt their feelings without knowing. For this among other reasons, this blog outlines the easy strategies you can use to show love to your children and make them feel more loved, accepted, and secure.

1. Show love by overlooking some simple mistakes they do and don’t expect perfectionism

Children should know that you love them even when they make a mistake. Don’t be quick to “ground them” for their mistakes. Children often do silly mistakes but you should learn to correct them with love. When a child repeats the same mistake willingly, that’s when you should punish them. A constant bed-wetter, for example, needs love and assurance that he/she will overcome the issue. Don’t fret too much as this may make them feel they’re different and they don’t belong to the family.

Teach your children to learn from their mistakes and avoid them in the future. This will help build their self-confidence in solving their problems.

When children do wrongs and you punish them, depending on their age, it’s good to comfort them and point out their mistakes immediately. Assure them that despite the punishment, you still love them.

It’s good to eat meals and pray together as another way of showing your love to your child.

2. Eat meals and pray together as a nuclear family

Train your children to always eat meals and also pray as a family. While on this daily-routine ritual, pay attention to your kids equally. This needs a bit of planning and thought. Avoid comparing your children and supporting all of their talents and pursuits equally irrespective of their strengths and weaknesses. While having a meal together, it’s constructive to ask your children for their input in simple family matters such as where to go for a picnic. This shows them that you love them, value their opinion, and will increase their feeling of belonging.  

3. Show you love your children by trying to use a soft tone when you are angry

When your children do something terrible, avoid using a harsh tone. Of course, if they’re conscious of their wrong, they’ll already be in a panic for the punishment that awaits them. Using a harsh tone will make things a lot harder for them and they may fail to explain themselves to you. Learn to use a soft tone while asking for clarification as to why a particular mistake is done. This shows your love for them and they’ll learn to be confident and explain themselves in the event of a mistake.

4. Show your love by having a sense of humor and go for small gestures

Don’t always be too serious around your children. Develop a sense of humor and create a light moment when around your children, for example, when having a meal together. If you’re not the lovey-dovey type, demonstrate your love with small gestures such as placing notes in their lunch boxes. Since actions speak louder than words, your children will feel loved and cared for when you do extra things to show your love to them.

5. Be a good listener

Children will not know you had a tough day at work. In fact, when you get home from a tough day’s schedule, they’ll happily surround you and flood you with questions and discussions of the adventures of the day. If you’re not keen enough, you may portray yourself as uninterested in what they say, when in reality, you are happy they had a splendid and adventurous day.

Show your children you care how they spent their day. Put your electronics aside and engage them in a conversation. This should be done immediately they feel like pouring themselves out to you. When you learn to give an attentive ear to your children they’ll learn to open up to you, and this will, in turn, make things easy for you when they reach their adolescent stage.  

To show love to your children, play and have fun with them.

6. Play and have fun with your children

A good parent will always find ample time to spend with their children. This time, however, should be unstructured. It should be out of the blue. Surprise your children that you want to play a game with them. When you spend time having fun with your children, you will not only strengthen the bond but also show them that you value and love them. Remember, what you’re giving your children is your precious time, material things, on the other hand, don’t equate to love.

Show love to your children by hugging them.

7. Show love by hugging them

Reminding your children that you love them is one way of expressing your love for them in words. As they grow up, you should involve physical love gestures such as hugging them. There is power in physical touch. Hugging your children while telling them you love them will reinforce your love bond, assure them they’re secure, and that you care.

8. Show your love by speaking positively about your children

Learn to speak good things about your children to your other people including their age mates. Children are very sensitive emotionally and a wrong word about them to their friends or neighbors may totally affect their perception of themselves. Praise them and give high fives to improve their esteem. When children learn that you appreciate them, they will feel loved and work hard to prove the good you spoke about them.


As a parent, you should learn to show love to your children early on in their life. This will let them know they are loved as they grow up. When children reach their adolescent stage, they tend to be withdrawn, and at this time, expressing your love to them without words may highly be appreciated over words.

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