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Dailysols was founded in the year 2021.
It’s a Lifestyle Blog with different Writers who come together to share their knowledge and also earn from their work.


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At Dailysols, I have a platform where, as a Writer, I can share my passion with a wide audience. My goal is to write blogs that are up to date and unique.

“I love writing blogs on different niches. Dailysols provides me the opportunity to do this and also earn from my work at the same time.”
Norman Weaver
Syracuse, NY

We look forward to providing Daily Solutions Through Our Articles.

We aim at well-researched articles that are unique and up to date. The writers at Dailysols are professional writers whose writings are also manually checked and edited by the Dailysols Editing Team to ensure quality.

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Philip Agutu has been writing online articles for over 10 years. He’s been on HubPages and Medium as a Writer and has also developed great writing skills and SEO skills. He has written various articles on the Dailysols blogs.

By founding Dailysols and creating a writing platform for both beginners and professional writers, he has also created an earning opportunity (passive income) for the same writers.

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Since its founding, Dailysols has produced high-quality articles. This has been made possible through professional writers from all over the world who are well versed in quality and unique content writing.