Dailysols.com was founded in the year 2021 by the Blogger and Writer Philip Agutu. It is a lifestyle blog that publishes solutions to various aspects of life.

Life is good! And we should be grateful to our Creator, God Almighty, for being alive. Despite the challenges we face each day, we should be grateful.

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Why I started Dailysols

I started dailysols.com to share my passions with you. My success stories, my failures, and also how I overcame various issues which I came across in this life journey. That’s the name of this blog. “Daily Solutions”. We believe our blogs to be solutions to daily life issues that we all face; at least the majority of us.

As Dailysols grew, I saw the need to bring onboard other passionate writers who also felt the need to share their thoughts through article writing. These are professionals in various fields and include parents, marriage counselors, artists, carpenters, masons, architects, engineers, doctors, and pastors, among others. Our blogs include Parenting issues, Relationships, Marriage, Family, Spirituality, and Crafts, among other categories.

You can also become part of the Dailysols writing team and also get the opportunity to earn from your writing and also through the Dailysols Referral Program.

In case you want to start a personal blog like this one, you will also find How-to-guides that are precise and crystal clear for you to implement and succeed. Most of our writers are experienced bloggers and writers and the solutions they provide here about blogging are true to the best of my knowledge and are working.

we aim to enrich our Readers with the best

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…Try It!

Be my guest and share your thoughts, experiences, and motivations with me. I will also be glad to learn something new from you, either through a comment or DM.

Thank you.

Dailysols Founder