Names of God in the Bible

Have you ever wondered what the names of God in the Bible are and what they mean? Keep reading on to find out over 10 names of the God of Israel and what they mean.

God placed a vacuum in our hearts. No matter who you are; your social status, your financial background, your religious faith, etc. we all need God in our lives. Needing God means being able to talk to Him when in need, when happy, or during any time of the day. Knowing the names of God in the Bible becomes paramount in your prayer life. These names reveal the authority, power, and nature of God; and thus, increase our faith and hope in Him.

The names of God in the Bible are Eternal and describe a particular aspect of His character and Divine Attributes

They will never change with time or season. The God, who heals, Jehovah Rapha, will heal eternally. In Paradise, there will be the tree of life whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. Thus, the names of God are there to remind us who God is. He is not a man that He should lie and He never changes.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Hebrew 13:8

When you know His names and quote them in your prayers, you are reminding yourself of the Eternal God who never changes. This will make God grant you your prayer requests through your faith in His Eternal Attributes in His Powerful Names!

The following are the names of God in the Bible:

      I. YAH, Yahweh *(yah-weh) YHWH: The Most Sacred Names of God in the Bible!

YHWH is the four letters that form the Tetragrammaton’’, the personal name of God, Yahweh. Lord, Jehovah. The divine name of God was regarded too sacred to be uttered by the Jews such that we are not sure if it’s pronounced the way we think it is.

This is the name of God. The “I AM WHO I AM.” The first occurrence of this name, YAH, is in the book of Exodus 15:2, where the Prophet Moses and Israel sing a song regarding their deliverance from Pharaoh’s horsemen.

This name appears 6,500 times in the Old Testament and is the most used personal and covenant name of God. Our response to God to this name should be to fall down on our knees in fear and awe of He who created the universe through His Mighty WORD.

He is who He is. No one is like Him. No one can be compared to Him. You should encourage yourself that you are praying to One who rules the whole universe and He’s capable of delivering you from your anxieties, sins, shame, and sorrow. In Psalms 68:4, there is a single instance of YAH. Also in “hallelu-YA,” which means “Praise the Lord.”

The name YAH also appears in other names of the servants of God in the Bible such as”

  • Yahu-is my God.
  • Adonijah-Yah is my father.
  • Achijah-Yah is my brother.
  • Urijah-Yah is my light.
  • Malchijah-Yah is my king.
  • Hodijah-Yah is my goodness.
  • Yiriyahu-Yah sees me.
  • Isaia-Yeshayah-Yeshayahu-Salvation of Yah.
  • Jeremiah-Yirmyah-Yirmyahu-Whom the Lord has appointed.
Names of God in the Bible: Jehovah Rapha.
Jehovah Rapha: The Lord Our Healer.

   II. Jehovah Rapha (yeh-ho-vow’ raw-faw’)

The Lord that heals. This name first appears in Exodus 15:26. In Hebrew, Rapha means to heal, thus, Jehovah Rapha means The Lord that heals.

“He said, “If you listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all His decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD who heals you.”

Thus, God says He is Jehovah Rapha.

III. Adonai (ah do-noy’): the other name of God in the Bible

The Lord my Master. This is the name used to substitute for the sacred name of the Lord, YAH, which was too sacred to utter. Adonai is more like “my Lord”. This name shows us the sovereignty of the Lord over us. Yah and Adonai are the most prominent names of God in the Old Testament. Adonai appears about 335 times in the Old Testament. For example in 1 Samuel 24:8 and Genesis 19:2 among other references.

This name can also be used in a human or angelic sense where one acknowledges a person who has power or leadership over him/her for instance in Genesis 19:2 where Lot refers to the angels who visited him as my lord. Sarah too referred to Abraham as my lord in Genesis 3:16.

IV. El Shaddai (el shad-di’)

All sufficient and Lord God Almighty. God first introduced Himself to Abraham as El Shaddai in Genesis 17:1.

When Abraham was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty; walk before Me and be blameless.”

El Shaddai means that God is able to do more than we need, want desire, or imagine.

Names of God in the Bible: Eternal Creator.
Jehovah the Eternal Creator.

  V. Elohim (el-o-heem): Among the names of God in the Bible, this one apears in the first chapter and verse of the Bible!

God, Judge, Creator. This name of God is first used in Genesis 1:1. “In the beginning, God (Elohim) created the heavens and the earth.” This name has been used 2,750 times in the Old Testament and it means “the Supreme One” or “the Mighty One.”

VI. The names of God in the Bible: El-Elyon

The God Most High. Found in Deuteronomy 26:19. It’s used to refer to the LORD, the Creator of heaven and earth. Servants of God referred to God as El-Elyon for example Daniel 4:2, Luke 8:28, Hebrews 7:1, Revelation 9:20, etc.

VII. Jehovah Nissi (yeh-ho-vah’ nis-see’)

The lord is my banner. This name is first given by Moses to the Altar which he builds to celebrate the defeat of the Amalekites at Rephidim in Exodus 17:13-16. God showed the Israelites that He conquered on their behalf, that is, “My Banner.”

VIII. Jehovah Raah (yeh-ho-vah’ raw-aw’) or Rohi is another beautiful names of God in the Bible

The Lord is my Shepherd. Raah or Rohi is derived from “shepherd” in Hebrew. The famous name of God is seen in the favorite Psalms 23:1.

IX. Jehovah Shammah (shawm’-maw)

The Lord is there. The name appears in the book of Ezekiel 48:35 as the name of the city the LORD showed the prophet, Ezekiel. Jehovah Shammah means “The LORD is There or is Present.” It’s a faithful practice to begin your prayers with this powerful name of God by acknowledging that you believe He is there. It’s also used in Revelation 21:3.

  X. Jehovah Tsidkenu (yeh-ho-vah’ tsid-kay’-noo)

The Lord our righteousness. This is one of the powerful names of God in the Bible. It combines the personal name of God, Yahweh, with the Hebrew word for righteousness “Tsidkenu”. Thus the Lord is our Righteousness. This name of God appears only two times in the Bible; in Jeremiah 23:5, 6 and Jeremiah 33:15, 16.

XI. Jehovah Mekoddishken

The Lord who sanctifies you. The name is found two times in the Bible; in the book of Exodus 31:13 and Leviticus 20:8. Mekoddishken is derived from the Hebrew word “qadash” which means sanctify, holy, or dedicate. Sanctification means the separation of an object, thus, Jehovah Mekoddishken means “The LORD who sets you apart.” Definitely, for His good works.

Other names of God in the Bible:

XII. Jehovah El Olam (el o-lawm’)

The everlasting God. First used in the Bible book of Genesis 21:33 and means the everlasting God.

XIII. Jehovah Qanna (yeh-ho-vaw’ kan-naw’)

Jealous God. This name relates to God as Israel’s husband and is jealous and wants Israel to praise Him alone since He is their creator and God. God gets jealous when He sees His children suffering because of sin. He wishes that they would serve Him and in turn protect and provide for them.

This name of God occurs 6 times in the Bible with a first occurrence in the book of Exodus 20:5.

XIV. Jehovah Shalom (yeh-ho-vaw’ shaw-lome’)

The Lord is peace. This name of God was first used by Gideon when the angel of the LORD appeared to him at Ophrar in the book of Judges 6:2.

XV. Jehovah Sabaoth (yeh-ho-vaw’ se ba’ot)

The Lord of Hosts. The Lord of powers. This name of God appears two times in the book of Romans 9:29 and James 5:4.


We encourage you to commit a few minutes each day and pray over these powerful names of God in the Bible. As you quote them in your prayer, quote their meanings too as a way of telling God you know who He is. The devil will also flee away from this kind of powerful prayer.

For example: “Oh Yahweh, my God, I need you to heal me Jehovah Rapha. You are the Lord, my healer, no one else do I depend on for healing except you Jehovah Rapha…” This kind of prayer will increase your faith as you also walk right with God. To have answered prayers, always walk according to the will of God. Avoid sin at all costs. And He will answer your prayers since He is holy and faithful.

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