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Cheating in marriage is not as mysterious as it seems. You can tell if your partner is cheating by considering these expertly researched points.

Cheating in marriage is becoming a very bothering issue to both the newly married and the old couples. This has been made worse by the evolving technological and social media innovation which has made cheating in marriage a very hard thing to spot. It’s hard to tell when your partner is cheating and what makes it worse is the fact that no one is ever willing to accept that they are cheating no matter how obvious the evidence is.

This blog aims at pointing out the telltale signs that your partner is lying about cheating in marriage, especially when they try to cover their tracks. The intention of this blog is to help you solve the cheating mystery and ensure your marriage life doesn’t break. The signs of cheating in marriage outlined in this article have been proven to be true to both men and women cheaters by experts.

Hence, be sure to accept the apology of your partner when they accept that they are indeed cheating behind your back so as to save your marriage.

There are many reasons why people cheat in marriage. However, the reasons shouldn’t be an excuse for someone to humiliate you with another lover behind your back and then face you as though nothing ever happened. That’s why I’ve compiled this article to point out the signs of cheating in marriage you shouldn’t ignore. They are as follows:

1. A different scent

A partner involved in cheating in marriage may take a shower elsewhere to seal another lover’s scent. If you are keen enough, you may notice an unusual soap or perfume scent rubbed by the other secret lover. This may hint that there’s something going on.

2. A partner cheating in marriage is reluctant to put their phone down

The first thing to note about a person cheating in marriage is that they are always moving around with their phones even to the bathroom. They are afraid that a message or a call from their secret partner may come in at any time. Although some people are naturally hooked to their phones or social media, you should be alarmed when your partner overdo things. You should be alarmed especially if they weren’t hooked to their phones previously.

There should be no secrets when it comes to how one uses their phones in marriage. A marriage partner should have access to their partner’s phones and when you suspect that your partner is afraid of leaving their phone in the lounge when they go to the bathroom, you should point it out to them.

Since hoping for a confession from your partner is the hardest thing to hope for when there are suspicious activities, try to read their body language when you point this first sign of cheating in marriage to them.

3. Takes or makes phone calls in private

When your partner retreats to privacy every time the phone rings, they may be cheating in marriage. You or your partner should feel confident to receive phone calls without retreating to a private place unless there’s something secretive going on.

Cheating in marriage chat...he's not at home we can chat!
A cheating partner chatting to a secret lover.

4. Constantly texting can be a sign of cheating in marriage

One sure way to catch a cheating marriage partner is by being keen on their behavior inconsistencies. A partner who suddenly starts to text or chat frequently may be a sign of infidelity. The only way to find out is to ask them who they are texting and later on, when the opportunity avails itself, quickly glance over their previous messages to confirm their answer. When you find out that some chat messages have been deleted, you should be concerned. Cheating partners will never leave old secret love conversations undeleted.

5. A partner cheating in marriage is nervous around the faithful partner

A cheating partner may suddenly develop signs of nervousness or may feel uncomfortable chatting with you, for example, they rock back and forth when speaking, they hunch over instead of a perfect posture, or they stammer when trying to explain themselves to you. If this wasn’t their initial behavior, you should try to speak to them since it may be a sign of cheating in marriage or signs of other issues like depression or anxiety disorder.

6. They give you a lot of gifts or presents

A cheating partner may go the extra mile by giving you plenty of gifts as a way of covering their guilty conscience. They feel they don’t deserve you and so feel obligated to please you in the best way they can. This can also happen to your children receiving plenty of gifts as they try to cover their guilt.

“One sure sign of cheating in marriage is the cheating partner becoming suddenly over-generous to you but also distant and withdrawn.”

7. A person cheating in marriage is suddenly more focused on their appearance

Although personal appearance is something to constantly focus on, if you’re keen on your partner’s lifestyle, you may notice a sudden change in the way they look and feel about themselves. According to marriage counselors, when a person starts to cheat in marriage, they become aware of their looks than before. This can be a frequent change in their hairstyle, a recent fixation with a gym, or a splurge on new clothes or fashion. A cheating partner may suddenly feel confident in a particular fashion style that you had initially pointed looks worse. This may be because they received a positive compliment from their secret lover.

8. A change in their underwear may also indicate cheating in marriage

Cheating partners may suddenly change their inner wears style. When you notice that they are now putting on something sexier for the first time, you should be concerned. It is normal for one to change their innerwear at any time; however, what’s not normal is the sudden change of the innerwear style! Your partner may be confident in her normal innerwear in front of you, but not so in front of their cheating partner. This makes them change their inner wardrobes too so as to impress their new love.

9. A new trick in bed

A partner might have had some sexy research on good foreplay and just wants to take things in the bedroom a notch higher or hotter. However, there are instances that can signal that they picked the new trick or sex position first hand from their secret partner. A change in the sex frequency, for example, more or less sex, may also give you a clue.

Sometimes due to less affection or poor communication, the sex life may not be as it used to be. He or she may be less intimate in the bed since the focus shifted to the other secret lover.

10. They talk too much

When you ask a cheating partner how the office party was, they will rattle off the entire guest list and a minute-by-minute play of what went down. This is because a partner cheating in marriage may often create long tales about strange stories and places they have been that day to act as an alibi. Since the truth comes out easily, liars learn to develop these long detailed stories, but since you’re reading this, you should be able to discern the lie.

11. Always on social media

Another evident sign of cheating in marriage is the fact that a cheating partner is mostly on social media chatting with their new lover. When you notice that they are constantly chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp but you find the text deleted, you should be concerned.

Sometimes, the chat may not be deleted but the tone of the chat may signal something unusual. Ask your partner about the other person they spend hours chatting with on social media. Look out for the non-verbal cues since it’s hard for a cheating partner to admit they are indeed cheating.

From experts, cheating partners may also have additional or hidden e-mail or social media accounts.

12. Frequent withdrawals on the ATM

A cheating partner may frequently withdraw personal or joint savings in order to impress their secret lover. This may be because of special dates to classy hotels, special gifts, etc. Most often, they are in a dilemma when you ask them how they spent the money. This, together with other signs of cheating in marriage mentioned above, may indicate a cheating partner.

Cheating in marriage...two angry love but hatred text.
Two angry couples.

13. Picks up fights and extremely angry

A cheating partner is mostly the one starting arguments that end up with them leaving the house. When you try to ask about their whereabouts, they fuss at you and leave the house. Their business becomes their business and when you try to get in the bubble, you may wish you hadn’t. This makes it hard for you to ask who they were with or who they are chatting to. He or she may treat you with rudeness or impatience and at times you may sense a degree of unhappiness in your partner.


Sometimes, you just get the feeling that something about your partner is not right. This doesn’t pertain to people who are usually jealous and feel suspicious when there’s little cause for it. No. If you had a deep connection with your marriage partner, for example, the Bible says the two shall become one, you will know when something is not right. Some partners may even have bad dreams indicating to them that their partners are seeing someone else behind their back.

Although a partner’s behavior may suddenly change due to other challenges in life they are going through such as depression, grief, etc. it is important to ask them.

Find out how to handle cheating in marriage when your suspicions turn out to be right!

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